Fresno Probate Attorney

Probate is the process of handling a family member’s property when he or she dies. This can include dividing the assets and paying off debts. If you have been named as the person responsible for completing these tasks (the administrator or executor), you must do so correctly. Otherwise, you could face personal liability.

Helping You Through the Probate Process

Most people have never taken on the role of handling these difficult and complex tasks. It is important to work with an experienced probate attorney in order to comply with the requirements. Hemb Law Group attorney Richard Hemb has provided comprehensive probate advice and representation to people throughout the Fresno area since 1992.

Hemb Law Group works with people serving as executors, administrators and personal representatives to help them complete the steps required to settle their loved one’s estate. The estate refers to all the property and debts of the dead person. We will guide you through the required tasks, including:

  • Preparing and submitting an inventory of the estate assets
  • Obtaining property values
  • Providing notice to creditors
  • Making sure all property is distributed correctly
  • Paying taxes

Our probate services are designed to be as comprehensive as possible. We take the time necessary to explain the process to our clients so that they can complete their duty successfully. We counsel our clients about all possible implications of their decisions, paying close attention to the tax consequences.

Contact Our Fresno Probate Attorney

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