What is the right approach to divorce?

If you are getting divorced, your opinions may be shaped by the horror stories that you have heard about knock-down, drag out fights over custody and property that lasted for years. You may also think that divorcing couples are forever scarred by the experience and that you may be destined to repeat that fate. Despite what you may think, the process does not have to be that way. Through this post, we offer a few things to help keep things in perspective.

Family court judges won’t think about your feelings – Indeed, family court judges may seem heartless at times, but they are people with real feelings; they just can’t care about yours when it comes to applying the law correctly. So while you may feel like you are being treated unfairly in your divorce, this may not hold any weight.

Think of it as a business transaction – At its core, divorce is a legal process for dissolving the marital union, an orderly division of assets, and assigning support (if necessary) so that the parties may move on with their lives.

Custody should be about co-parenting, not money – Indeed, there is a financial component to custody and parenting time assignments, but this should not be used to guide justify your position. It is important to look at how you envision your role as a co-parent, where you will have to continually interact with, and co-parent with your ex-spouse until your child becomes an adult.

The preceding is not legal advice. If you have additional questions about your individual situation, a family law attorney can help. 

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